How to pass the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Exam

How to pass the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Exam Joey Eisenzimmer studied for seven months before passing the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 exam. During that time, he developed an effective study method and took meticulous notes on what worked (and what didn’t). Joey has used his learnings to produce a how-to guide for anyone who is interested in taking the PD1.

In the guide, Joey gives an outline and key considerations for the five sections of the Salesforce PD1 exam:

  • Process Automation and Logic
  • User Interface
  • Testing/Debugging/Deployment
  • Salesforce Fundamentals and Data Modeling/Management
  • Examples of Apex Classes, Triggers, SOQL and SOSL

The guide also details the benefits of pursuing the exam, including job opportunities, increased skills and declarative capabilities and professional advantages.

Joey is a graduate of the first Merivis Cohort in Seattle, volunteers with Merivis as a coach and serves on the Merivis Alumni Advisory Board. He works at Amazon Web Services.